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Following links from one blog to another, reading about the lives of people you have absolutely nothing to do with.
I went bloghopping today and found this kid named Matt.
by Nick February 14, 2005
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An often used phrase when on the 'MSN Spaces'.

When you look at someone else's space, if they have choosen to add an updated space list you can 'hop' from one blog to another reading through peoples comments - most of which are not even worthy of being on the internet.

Some people like to make a game of it -seeing how many Spaces you can get too until there are no other links to another spaces. I have no idea why this is a form of entertainment, but meh, it keeps the plebs off the streets.
Pleb: ' Ooh fancy a game of blog-hopping?'

Anyone with a social life: 'No'.
by bloodflowers August 04, 2005
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1) Unnecessarily or tediously flitting from one blog to the next in order to leave comments that are repetitive in nature.

2) Leaving quick comments on a large number of blogs for the purpose of raising awareness of the blog-hopper's own blog.

3) Quickly perusing several different blogs that are currently dealing with a similar subject.

First used (by Gigi at least) on: qcubed dot blogspot dotcom slash "/" 2004/10/too-lazy-to-go-blog-hopping-to-do-this dot html
"I'm too lazy to go blog-hopping just in order to wish everyone a Happy New Year!"

"Time to do a little blog-hoppin' in order to get people to discover my blog!"

"I wish I didn't have to go blog-hopping in order to see what everyone else is saying about this subject."
by Gigi December 13, 2004
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Blog hopping IS NOT surfing the net and reading some blogs here and there at random. Blog hopping is when you find a few blogs that you think are really cool, written by people you can really relate to and you visit them regularly. These people feel a special bond towards each other and visit and comment on the blogs in their circle daily!
Blog hopping is when people surf the net and find blogs that our their favorites. They visit them daily and forge virtual friendships with the author of the blog and the other blog visitors. It makes their day brighter and gives then something to look forward to!
by Fotopoetry October 21, 2005
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