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A derogatory term used on the popular gaming website GameFAQs; usually used when a poster creates a topic where his or her life story and/or woes/injustices are their main point of the thread. This can be anything from describing in detail a transaction at Gamestop, how their friend stuck a UMD into their PS3, or why their (real or imagined) girlfriend likes Call Of Duty.
eg. "So I'm waiting for the bus for like half an hour becoz I'm going to gamestop to pre-order the new batman game which is awesome becoz the last one was awesome and I dont care what you say and then I'm still waiting btw I hate buses why they so sloooow but anyway I was thinking mayb i should buy da COD map packs but nah I'll let my gf buy it coz she loves COD and she has a job haha but she gets me chicken nuggets anytime ANYTIME!!!! HAHA but anyway wut do you guys think??" "Dude, blogfaqs..."
by omgtrophies! September 03, 2011
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