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1 v.: to be attracted to someone that you only know through their blog.

2 n.: the person that you're attracted to because of the things they write in their blog.


n.: the attraction you feel toward that person
J: Fido is totally blogcrushing on Dulce. If he doesn't stop getting up in her comments, her boyfriend's gonna cut him.

V: No way. I'm Fido's blogcrush. Did you read his last post? Could it be any more obvious?

J. Fido's such a blogwhore. If you're female, funny, and smart, he's probably got a blogcrush on you.
by blogging chick September 21, 2007
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when you crush on someone via their blog posts. generally someone you haven't actually met in person, but have followed/read religiously online.
him: what are you reading?
her: the most recent livitluvit blog. totally blog crush her.
him: do you need a moment alone?
her: possibly
by Kate Chopin April 08, 2010
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