An interesting idea, story, or link. Referred to as blog fodder when your first reaction is to use it in your blog.
I'm sorry your day sucked, but between the car wreck, the kiss off, and the layoff, at least you've got some real blog fodder.
by radiofox August 13, 2005
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Often shortened to "blodder." Material scavenged for use in a blog, especially ready made visuals, writing or data that can easily be dumped right into a posting; also derogatorily applied to canned, corporate, or prefabricated information specially designed for such use
Jeannie! Check the WAPO news feed, girl -- got some killer blog fodder for you!
I'm all bleary eyed from trawling the web for blodder all night
That article on the anatomy of testicles is perfect blog fodder for my "How Men Think" blog
Big Pharma p.r. churns out mucho blodder for the unsuspecting to re-post
by Creed Cur June 2, 2021
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