One of the most pathetic, immature displays of stupidity you'll stumble across on the internet. Usually between two or more bloggers regarding politics, religion, and a variety of other boring topics.

Someone posts something that makes someone else mad. That person retaliates with personal attacks, which leads the other person to retaliate. Other bloggers join in and post about the drama. Minions on all sides join ranks and battle each other to defend their favorite blogger. In the end, no-one wins, because they're all pathetic losers. It's so sad, but at the same time, highly entertaining to those of us on the outside who can only shake our heads and call them out for the losers they really are.

Blog drama tends to occur more between bloggers who've met in real life or at blogmeets who think they know each other after a few hours or a few days. These people are delusional and should seek help immediately.

Blog drama also occurs between bloggers who've never met, but exchange links and emails. It can also involve their visitors (aka: Minions) who are sent attacking at the first sign of drama. More times than not, the "minions" feel a strong desire to defend their blogger, which leads them to troll the offending blogs and leave asinine and disruptive comments. These people have low self-esteem issues and are tend to poke their noses into other people's business. They should seek help as well. I also suggest taking up a hobby.

Simple Cure: Get a life and step away from the computer!
Blogger #1: Is a man. Posts something nasty about women.
Blogger #2: Is a woman, who takes offense. She links to #1's blog and posts a rant.
Blogger #1: Takes offense to #2's post and writes a nasty post to get back at her. Blogger #1's minions feel the need to take offense as well, even though it's none of their bloody business, and go to Blogger #2's and leave stupid comments.
Blogger #2: Posts about Blogger #1's post and his stupid minions. Her minions go to Blogger #1's blog and get into a heated exchange with Blogger #1 and his minions.
Other blogs pick up on the blogdrama and begin linking to both blogs. They may or may not leave comments.
Other bloggers sit back and watch in horror as mean things are said back and forth and dumbfuckery runs afoul.
Other bloggers take a side and sit back silently and watch it all go down. It's entertainment.
Things get blown out of porportion and someone ends up writing a definition for the dumbfuckery on Urban Dictionary.

End of story.

"Blog drama is so retarded, yo."
by DizzyGirl June 02, 2006
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