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one that has control of his block and makes a lot of money from selling drugs
Yo dog Lil G makes lots of cheese in his hood hes a block star!!
by Yung R April 07, 2008
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A person who excels at cockblocking. Can be either male or female.
Woman: Sam was hitting on you and you shut him down? You blockstar!

Man: I was about to hook up with this chick last night, but her brother showed up and told me to back off. What a blockstar.
by twobit January 02, 2011
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Turning your luck around to be a Big name.
The tune 'Blockstar' by Chingy explains it as a hard-working effort to make it as something.

Blockstar's are also referenced by 'Block' as it reminds them of their roots. The original block. A Blockstar.
"Naw, he is a blockstar alright. He was a propa no 1 only a year ago."

"From broke, To livin' Large, What we are baby, Blockstars"
by Icon7977 January 21, 2008
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it's a person who parties on block island , rhode island like a rock star, drinking , drugs and rockin roll and random sex usally with people andthey even have bumperstickers and a store named block star
I went to block island this summer and partied like a block star
by weeds (mike) February 24, 2009
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