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When the company Blizzard owns your stupid ass for pretty much anything in World of Warcraft.

You know you've been blizzowned when:

1) Your character gets nerfed.
2) You try to exploit the game and Blizzard already thought that you'd do it and premptivly blocked it.
3) Your account gets banned.
4) When you glitch the game somehow and your character has been rendered useless in one way or another.
5) When you say that Blizzard won't fix something via patch, but in the very next patch, that particular thing is fixed.
1) The mage got blizzowned.
2) I thought I could talk to the horde through custom emots, but I got blizzowned.
3) I was hacking WoW, but they caught me and I got blizzowned.
4) While I was running, my mage blinked and fell through the world to her death. She got blizzowned.
5) Oscar: Blizzard is never going to fix the Druid.
Tyler: Yes they will. Blizzard will buff them.
*new patch comes out*
Oscar: Says they buffed the druids armor by over 150% in two different forms...
by FLEABttn December 22, 2004
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