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When a fat person gets extremely angry, causing them to foam at the mouth, yell, kick scream, and generally make a scene. This can occur in either in the real world or online. Pretty much used as a substitute any time a fat person freaks out, especially if the situation concerns food or the individuals large physical appearance.
"That fat bitch had a world class blimpout when they told her the salad bar wasn't all-you-can-eat!"
by ClamsTheCat July 10, 2008
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To consume enormously vast quantities of food from buffets and fast food joints so as to become morbidly obese; to eat nonstop like a gluttonous pig.
A herd of fat black heffers and their niglets waddle in to blimp out at the old country buffet.

That obese nigger was so blimped out on ramen noodles he exploded!
by NigBith January 21, 2013
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