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(noun) Derived from a combination of a blow job and a rim job.

Involves simultaneously giving a man oral sex and analingus.

Requires either a long penis on one end, or just a long tongue nearby.

Often difficult to execute properly due to the rigid nature of an erect penis making bending it backward quite difficult, this is a rewarding experience nonetheless.

Mostly for the receiving man, of course.
"A blim job is not impossible," the professor exclaimed.

"You just have to be able to do it yourself or have a man nearby who can do most of the work."
by eb_dekalb September 14, 2010
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The act of sucking on another human's anus. It is the physical combination of a blowjob and rim job.
Jay gave his man a terrific blimjob last night!
by SlydeCith April 03, 2016
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In the game of beer pong when you shoot and it seems like its going in but it bounces off the rim of the cup, making you miss. By not making it you are being blue balled while simultaneously giving the cup a rim job (not to be confused with butt hole licking).

Blue ball + Rim job = Blim Job
Person 1: Aw man i just rim jobbed that cup! I should of made that!
Person 2:Dude thats the second time this game that you've been Blim Jobbed
by jacob lattaballz December 21, 2010
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