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Blaxland high is located in the depths of blaxland. usually consists of intoxicated students lead by groups smoking many narcotics. if you are or will be a student of blaxland high, do expect to see police, fire brigade, ambulance and forensic cars on a regular basis as some may find it more entertaining to call in bomb scares instead of attending classes. students are often found sitting out the front (smoking or consuming alcohol) or at the local Charcoal Chicken shop located across the street.

Expect to see and/or be bullied by the "smokers" from 'down the back', often seen smoking, drinking and occasionally abusing fellow students.
guy: where do u go to school?
girl: blaxland high..
guy: oh k.

tom: i didnt see you in english
bec: yea, i decided to have a few cones down the back

tota: you smell like smoke, I slit your throat
meg: sorry miss, just had a smoke
by Keith Miles August 11, 2011
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