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(1)masturbating While a stick of dynamites fuse is slowly burning down and you put it out with your load if you dont finish in time you die .
(2) masturbating while riding a rocket.
(3) masturbating while riding a motorcycle
(man one) brah i just heard the news did he really die?(man 2) didn't you hear kooterz died while blaster-bating.(at least he died doing what he loved the dynamite finally beat his por ass) (man one) damn
by c3000b1atch35 April 24, 2010
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Furiously masturbating, red-faced, sweating, and often with both hands.
Roger: Man, my cock is sore this morning.
Jerry: Were you masturbating again last night?
Roger: Bro, I wasn't just masturbating, I was blasterbating.
Jerry: Sweet Jesus.
by Cyril Figgis April 12, 2014
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