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Blann is an incredible guy that is super adorable. He is very into sports and friends, usually rather tall and fit. He can be such a gentleman when he needs to be, he has SUPER soft lips and is an amazing kisser. He is very determined and knows what he wants out of life, he may have made some mistakes in the past that hurt or broke relationships with people but because of his determination he will put his complete effort into making a relationship with a special girl work. This boy will drive you insane in the best way possible; he is so sweet, loves adventure, football, pretty hot, has a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances. Overall, Blann is a really great guy. I think I might be falling for him, so if you find one; keep him.
Girl: Ooh that boy is so attractive and is so great at football.
Bestfriend: He must be a Blann.
by Pikachufordayzz October 08, 2014
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