the day when the cutest guy was ever born. he probably has dark hair and eyes. he is really sweet, caring, dirty minded, hotter than leonardo dicaprio and goofy. only the lucky girls get this guy. he usually has a lot of girls lurking him and lots of girls who “hate” him. so many girls just need a hug from him. his hugs are what makes anyone who hugs him feel like they belong. they feel like the world doesn’t matter anymore. kissing him tho...... that’s just a feeling not many girls know. but if kisses someone on their check their heart will drop. there is not many blakeslees not make sure ladies you keep this blakeslee and never let go of him:)
girl: wooooowwww who’s that hottie
girl 2: that’s blakeslee
girl 3: damnnnnnnn he’s fine
by -doesn’t matter- September 24, 2020
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