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A town in urban Prince georges county Maryland. Considered as one of he baddest area in Maryland. It is heavily influenced by its closeness to DC.
Also has a highschoolbladensburg high school or Blade which is known for is bad reputation around PG county.
by nitty November 02, 2006
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The most ghettoest place you will ever see located in Maryland. Full of niggas and salvadoreans with greasy as hair. Black ghetto girls with a lot of weave in there head. Guys think there cool by playing basketball and showing off. Town full of weemos that are all black and hispanic mostly salvadorean. No one is open minded everyone has a closed mind and stays in and never change. Everyone judges everyone and its ridiculously filled with too too much gogo heads.
Have you been to Bladensburg dammnn !
Yeah I aint never wanna go back too ghetto !
by Jaquez Salamanka August 03, 2010
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