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A phrase used usually by college students to communicate the fact that they going to get so drunk that they will not remember anything the next morning.
Person 1: "The blackout train is departing at 9pm sharp, you wanna come?"

Person 2: "Yeah, get me a one way ticket on the blackout train"
by krau March 16, 2009
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A drinking game developed by the Beta Sig fraternity and most commonly played by McGill Management students. "Blackout train" is a ten minute track that an audience with, beer in hand, listens to and must drink every time the song changes or the track says "Blackout train." Depending on how quickly one drinks his/her beer, this results in a minimum of two full beers being consumed in under ten minutes, usually more as the beer is often communal and people want to get as much as possible. This game is often played as the group is leaving for a new location, as to start the 'blackout train' of people: a procession of people down St. Laurent who will not remember what happened post-Blackout train.
Man, do you remember last night?" "No, nothing past blackout train
by bizkidsmcgill February 08, 2011
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