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A user on the popular website. Often recognized by his originally made dancing avatar. His name comes from the band he is in Black Ink followed by a random number that isn't really so random. A member since April '02 he is one of the sole knowers of the definition of kebi.
PDWAB: blackink001 is the man.
MX: My site would be nothing without blackink001
The Zakath: I don't hate blackink001
Cods: I once saved a piece of poo that reminded me of blackink001's avatar.
by Black Ink July 14, 2004
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Originated from a buttmunch somewhere in The World. Often miscontrued for something uber-l337 or above par, actually blows unbelievable amounts of penis hair.

Avoid use at all costs.
blackink001 is a virus upon this world

I wish blackink001 would suck on my penis hair...

by Davey Ritchets August 07, 2004
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