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Main Entry: black·che·lor
Pronunciation: 'blach-l&r, 'bla-ch&-
Function: noun
Etymology: Vh1 CelebReality bachelor, from Vh1 New Ebonics Flavor of Love
1 : an unmarried black man

History of a word:

First coined in 2005 by Flavor Flav of Public Enemy fame on his then new CelebReality dating show Flavor of Love, Blackchelor now applies to any unmarried black male.

Reffering to himself as the Blackchelor, a Flavorfied urban re-creation of ABC's Bachelor, Flavor Flav popularized the term when he set out on his mission to find true love with one or more of the show's female contestants. Although now apart of America's urban lexicon, Flavor Flav will always be credited as the original Blackchelor.
Your boy Flavor Flav is the Blackchelor on his new show Flavor of Love. (STOP) Check me out on Flav-H1... (10 SEC STOP/WALK OFF MARK/SPIN AROUND) ... Ya 'erd me son? (STOP/SMILE TO SHOW GOLD TEEFISES AND POINT) Yeah Boooooooooi!!! (FULL STOP)
by Kase Chong November 11, 2005
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