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Normally said in correspondence with the word shidamn or bo shit. Used to make fun of the blacker than black people in today's society. It can come off as racist.

Also acting blackashell, would cater to the idea of someone acting to the biggest stereotypes of black people by a white person.
Yo man, the hell you is thinking? Shidamn, when he said he wanted to leave I was like, thats some BO SHIT, we stayin right now cousin Barry. What the fuck? I'm blackashell
by Blackashellllll November 04, 2008
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A phase used to describe a person (usually of African American decent) who fits the "black" stereotype so well, it is almost unbelievable.
Our UPS guy is black as hell. Today he had a bottle of grape soda on the dash and was whistling "no body knows" as I was signing his tablet.
by Champ Master Flex July 30, 2011
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