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A new type of music that can only be created and played trough Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Black midi songs consist of so many notes that the ear can not possibly register them and the result is what one can call the sound equivalent of the colour black. An average 4 minute long black midi piece consist of one to five million notes.
- Hey, I just listened to the black midi version of my favourite song on Youtube.
+ How was it?
- Well, my nose and ears are bleeding and I have a sudden urge to sacrifice small animals to pagan gods. But apart from that I found it interesting.
by tranquility of karl March 02, 2015
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Basically a brand new type of remix that proves just piano can FUCK your computer or your ears.

They are never meant to by played.
I've downloaded and converted LBSFS 53.7 Million to MP3, but I accidentally played it at full volume.

― Seems like my ears are going to be fucked because of this massive Black MIDI.
by Mrnoobsofar May 03, 2017
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