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A subdivision of Satanists consisted of solely black people. Often engage in ghetto/gangsta/hood-ass illegal activities such as throwing acid in someone's face as a hate crime or vandalizing private property, such as parked vans. Have also been known to be blamed or otherwise liable for above activities as well as other criminal activities such as murder, grand theft auto, drug use, human sacrifice, graffiti, and other messed-up shit. First identified on the Comedy Central comedy John Benjamin Has A Van in the "Van Scheme" episode.
(Walking and talking)
Paul: Hey isn't this a black neighbourhood?
Alex: Yea it's okay though, I got some bros livin' round here, so 'sall good.
Paul: Okay... wait, what about black Satanists?
Alex: .....Um... wow. I don't know about black Satanists.
(Random black Satanist wearing a hooded sweater runs up with a flask full of acid and throws it in Alex's face)
Random black Satanist: How you like that, you white motha-fucka?? All hail Black Satan!! Yee-haa!! (Does a weird dance and runs off)
Alex: Arghhhh!!!! My eyes!! Dude! You gotta get me to a hospital!
Paul: I told you we should've taken the subway.
(Alex stares at where he thinks Paul is at with contempt)
by StreetSmart13601 October 12, 2011
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