a entity that is blacker than black, and evil past evil, such as Sion from the league of legends fantasy world.
by the Black DEmon January 30, 2018
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Andrew Black is a diabolical and sinister manifestation of a demon from the 13th floor of hell. He was sent by satan to earth, and more specifically singapore to destroy the lives of others. His heinous intentions demolish the lives of many , in which he gains amusement from this. Nothing could be more wicked than this monstrous fiend. Beware of this spawn of a satan, some might even refer to him as The Malignant tumour, or a Satan' Spawn. Beware of this creature lurking the depths of singapore, and stay clear of him at all cost!
When describing a maleficent felony or crime you can say: Hey he pulled an Andrew Black The Demon!
Or when being charged for any wicked crime involving the demise of others' lives: You are being charged for Andrew Black The Demon
by JonnyBoyDaSexymen September 16, 2021
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