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is a fanboy of the black and decker tools. also is the only shareholder of the company that invested all there money into the failing business, there are many ways to recognise this fanboy . 1: whenever you start talking about good quality tools around them you will hear the words BLACK AND DECKER IS DA BEST followed by inaudible rage with rage spit covering the room. 2:always wears a matching black and decker suit. 3: drives a shitty red toyota ute that they proclain is called "the beast"..... it is wise that if you encounter this fanboy you must run to your nearest makita dealer where it cannot get you as makita tools is its biggest weakness.....
1: guy 1: hey have you seen that new milwaukee cordless drill.

guy 2: looks much better than that black and decker piece of shit....

black and decker fanboy: NAYNAYANYANAYNAYANYANAYN black and decker is the best..........(inaudible rage)
2: oh look its crappy red toyota ute........
by beefmaster (josh) August 22, 2011
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