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A bastardized version of the word "because," most often used by teenaged AIM users who find it too bothersome to actually type out complete words.
I failed my eng101 class bkoz i spend too much time on urbandictionary.
by Tom Selleck's Mustache July 23, 2005
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the abbreviation for bronco. the bronco was an SUV produced by ford from 1966 till 1996

the abbreviation is common on and other bronco forums.
check out the 35's i just put on my 1989 BKO.
by rogerdodgerballer August 03, 2010
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When a bitch is so fine, she Insta Ko's all men in her vicinity.
"You see that girl over there? She's a total bko."
by Llamatom May 27, 2018
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