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bitchpants noun
1. an ill-tempered countenance
2. eccentric; queer
3. having a bad disposition; peevish
4. exhibiting or characterized by having an extreme and irrational affinity for the bitchasserous condition
5. being bitchy for an extended period of time
6. radiating a disagreeable impression
What's with the bitchpants?
by Kariem September 08, 2007
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The term "bitchpants" is a more accurate and precise term for "capris" style pants. These are women's pants that cut off slightly before the ankle. They come in many varieties, including khaki, denim, fishnet gothbitchpants, wannabe urban bitchpants, and more.

Bitchpants were more extensively chronicled and documented on the now defunct website "" The site properly and informatively cataloged the many different species of bitchpants wearers as well as psychological profiles behind them.

We still don't quite understand the phenomenon, and the fall of was a huge blow to the Bitchpants Research Community. We know that bitchpants are worn by bitches. But beyond this, answering questions such as "why?" and "wtf?" are quite beyond our understanding at the moment and perhaps forever.
Nice bitchpants. Where's the flood?
by Centra The Sage July 01, 2009
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pants my boyfriend wears that have too many buttons, making them difficult to get in.
did you get any last night?

NO i was wearing my bitch pants and she got sick of unbuttoning them
by Vladimiranda October 11, 2007
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Men's pants with multiple buttons and no zipper. Leads to difficulty when a woman tries to remove his "bitch pants".
see mikonos

Mick was wearing his bitch pants last night so he didn't get any.
by Pookiemaster November 30, 2007
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A general term covering capris, clam diggers, and all other forms of cropped pants; frequently worn by bitchy girls, metrosexual or homosexual men.
"When will Allison realize that her bitch pants make her ass look huge?"
by painting lady November 17, 2004
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