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The word used to describe a Starbucks or coffee shop barista who is having a bad day behind the bar whilst making drinks; sometimes will fuck up your drink or cop an attitude while waving her scrawny tatted arms up in the air. might cop an attitude if you ask for the whipped cream you requested at the time of purchase. many times the bitchrista is thrown off if you ask for Skim milk and whipped cream because that seems to contradict itself in terms of a healthy drink. Many times the bitchrista is crabby because she was out late the Modest Mouse show, then went to her best friends house to watch reruns of the OC and woke up late for work at the Rodeo Drive location of Starbucks. She hates all of the customers because they can afford to get Starbucks every morning in a Venti size. Usually she's a big "Obama Fangirl" too because all her friends are. She's just working here until she marries the creepy guy from the White Stripes.
I ordered a Grande 2 pump skim vanilla latte with with whip and the bitch-rista slid my drink toward me without a lid or whip. I put the bitchrista in her place by telling the manager and getting a free drink coupon.
by Jeff Spicoli83 February 25, 2010
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