Logic that makes absolutely no sense at all and has no meaning to the male gender. It is only understood by females and even they cant give an explanation for it.
The way a female thinks. Especially when PMS is in effect. AKA bitch logic
by DA522 February 11, 2008
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Fat bitch logic (not to be confused with fat bitch feminism logic) is an easily observable anomaly that has overtaken certain parts of the internet and real-world social interactions, and can be found in varying locations (mostly social media) in which one is extremely defensive about ones own morbid obesity with fallacious logic. This list of excuses to be a fat shit range from ignorant with the "muh genetics" argument, to the extreme and even absurd "beautiful at every size" argument, where the fat bitch in question actually seems to take pride in the fact that they have serious pending health issues.
Random fat bitch: " I can eat whatever I want as long as I walk it off."
Me: "You can't walk from the handicap spot to the storefront without getting winded, that's fat bitch logic."
by Thisllprobablygetmebanned June 08, 2016
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A logic used by what may seem to be a majority females that is so far-fetched that the more you try to comprehend it, the more brain cells that are lost in the process. If possible, it is recommended to cut off any connections with females that show consistency using "Dumb Bitch Logic".
Example: When you are friends with a girl for an extended period of time. She decides to hook you up with her friend. After you and her friend break up due to a lack of connecting, she decides to cut you off as well. Logically, the girl would still be friends with you, but when dealing with Dumb Bitch Logic, that is not the case. You'll save more brain cells in the long run by not attempting to understand the outcome, but instead just moving on.
by YoungxKing3 November 19, 2017
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