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when emo/scene girls have long hair over their ears, their called bitch handles (as in many of their pictures you'll see girls holding a chunk of hair. aka bitch handles)
"did you see that emo girl on myspace? she had serious bitch handles"
by SceneKid665 October 13, 2007
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The fat around the midriff of an obnoxious or intolerable girl. Essentially, lovehandles on a girl no one could possibly love.
"Damn, she's not only an ice queen, she's got double-fistable bitchhandles."
by benjjj May 09, 2005
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when in engaged in a sex act,(blowjob or intercourse usually doggy), the woman who has her hair braided or in dual ponytails, thus letting the man pull on them, these are called bitch handles. The lone pony tail would be a bitch handle. By pulling on her bitch handles the man brings his woman, the bitch closer to the action and let's her know who is boss.
Diane was giving me an incredible blowjob when I grabbed her bitch handles and brought her head to a firm position to jam it down her throat. Diane was on all fours taking it doggy style when I pulled hard on her bitch handles to ride her harder and make her grunt.
by devildog July 12, 2006
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