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"BITCH GOBLIN" an bitch goblin is that ugly fat girl that sits in dark corners in party's, waiting for some guy to start vomiting. thats when she comes skulking from her lair to engulf him in her fat rolls (supposedly) out of sympathy. nothing could be farther from the truth she wishes to have intercourse with him if left unattended this will happen and afterwards she will bite off his head and lay her eggs in his chest to incubate. meanwhile she will return to the party in search for another poor soul. whole party's have bin lost beware.
if you are at a party and you notice a large girl in a corner but you can see her face because the lights seem to dim down where ever she moves. if you feel a cold clammy hand on tha back of your neck as you are vomiting and you hear a shrill "ARE YOU OK?" "LET ME HELP YOU" .... DO NOT LET HER DRAG YOU INTO THE DARKNESS! i have bin there, and it took me a long time to type this with one arm and im one of the lucky ones so handle your alcohol and watch out for your friends. bitch goblin
by ME2260542 February 26, 2008
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