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A bitch collar is the end result of the fashionable goth accessory, the choker, which originally comes in many styles, from knitted thin plastic rods, to strap, to dog collar, being hijacked as a mainstream clothing accessory by basic bitches, normies or posers in one of three situations:

2. It's worn by a woman who isn't really a goth
3. It's worn with shorts and a white t-shirt.
1. Jesus, look at that basic girl wearing that pink bitch collar with a heart and a pink strap.
2. Donnie: Is Jane wearing a choker? I thought she wasn't goth.
Mike: She's not, it's just a bitch collar
3. Samantha: Wow, that choker looks real nice on you, Judy
Taylor: Are you shitting me?! Look at her!! She's wearing slutty shorts and a top so thin you could use it as plastic wrap!! You're supposed to wear it with a black outfit, you're disgracing goths all around the world!!
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by mancyclopediac June 06, 2018
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