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"Bipp Boo" is a pseudo-phonetic way of quickly saying "bipolypaganbbw" in a conversation. Bipp Boos start young, usually in their middle school days, by telling all their friends they are "pagan" after reading "The Little Wiccan's First Guide To Magicks" during puberty. Once they reach early high school, they start telling everyone they're "bi" and secretly dreaming of snogging their best friends. Once their 20s roll around, they've tacked on "poly" to their list of self-applied labels, seeking yet more identity and popularity in their chosen subcultures as being "rebels" and such. They're almost always self-labeled "bbws" as well.

This phenomenon is more noticeable on the internet as Livejournal and OkCupid make meeting others with similar philosophies and preferences of sexuality (and diet) all the more possible. If you pay close attention, you will frequently encounter people who possess just a single part of this multi-label term; "bbws" for example are often encountered without being "bi" or "pagan," and likewise it is entirely possible to encounter straight, non-"bbw" pagans who enjoy monogamy. But in most cases, when a person who already claims one of these labels willingly accepts another from the term, there is soon to be a quick spiral where the rest of them are shortly acquired in turn. When a "bi" becomes a "poly," for example, her chances of soon after becoming a pagan "bbw" are extremely high.
Ohmigod, why won't all these bipp boos stop messaging me on OkCupid? I'm like a magnet for them or something.
by durka durka hiss August 15, 2008
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