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adj. (1) Somone who has an intense intrest in bipartisanship, and/or suspects they may be capable of voting for the other side, however does not classify themself as nonpartisan as of yet. (2) Someone who is curious about voting for the other parties proposal
Person A: Aiyyo that Senator chick Olympia Snowe is straight trippin'. Is she really gonna vote for Obama's healthcare plan?

Person B: Iono man but she's bipartisancurious

Michael Steele: Yo dawgs, you tryna rock with the Repubs in oh10 playa?

Playa: Why are you talking like that? I'm a VP for marketing at Apple. And no, I refuse to lend my vote to a party hell bent on amassing power at the rest of the world's expense.

Michael Steele: Why you talkin' like you got a turntable up yo ass? And aren't you at least a little bipartisancurious?
by dandaman5 October 19, 2009
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