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A complete retard and or idiot. Gets no action, has no friends, and definitely a small penis.
Champ is a complete binkler.
by newyorkbby November 01, 2009
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A person who's wrong all of the time, can't seem to win any bets and can't even workout properly. This is true even when someone who is unbelievably amazing, super talented, dangerously handsome and ridiculously smart tells said person otherwise.
Olympic Athlete: Yo man your deadlift form is completely wack bro

Not Olympic Athlete: Im AlWayS RighT yOu'rE wrOnG

Olympic Athlete: You're going to hurt your self, quit being such a BINKLER!
Not Olympic Athlete: iM dA bEst at Da gAme aIn't nO onE bEtTer
by Brajatman July 10, 2018
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A person who seemingly knows everything, but not the annoying kind. The binkler will usually only share their wisdom if it is sought from them.
Next time you and your flap are feelin' grummy, have a statt with Jon the binkler, he ain't no potato, why he's the cat's pajamas! He'll set you straighter'n a sod buster on a grey Sunday!
by Trashbags McGee October 10, 2017
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