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this odd use of word combination comes from when my friends and i used to anticipate the show dirty jobs. We would say something like:

"Dirty Jobs is comin on soon."

Also around that time the oaktons would say:

"big time"

which means someone would agree excitingly with something someone was saying or doing
For example:

"yo dirty jobs is on" - phil
"big time!" - pat (pat agrees with umph!"

now getting back to jobs
when somebody would say

"jobs is comin on!"

somebody would then respond

"YO BIG TIME DIRTY JOBS" (meaning good i love dirty jobs)

but then one day our slang inventive saying friend dave said something that clicked, it went something like this:

"yo dirty jobs is comin on" - phil

the way he pronounced this was hilarious to us and it clicked.from then on when someone or something would do or say or be something that they liked the oaktons would respond
Dave: Yo lets hit a jak
Michael: Yo big time jobs"

by Doooogan February 07, 2008
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