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To insult someone directly or indirectly through use of an electronic device, such as on the internet, on a (game) server, or simply on your own computer, usually meant to be done after the target of the BVMF has done something rude or insulting to you first, but may also be done just for shits and giggles.
My friend Steven refused to play Counter-strike with me, so I changed my Steam name to "Fuck You Steven" while on a server so everyone can see the big virtual middle finger I just gave him.

My friend Steven refused to show me how to code, so I bought a website domain and had it just say "Fuck you, Steven." so I can give him the big virtual middle finger any time I want.

My friend Steven always goes on my computer and goes to pornhub immediately, so I made my default browser page be the website from before so he gets the big virtual middle finger every time before he masturbates at my house.

Fuck you, Steven.
by Dreamare June 13, 2015
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