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The name for someone that is in love with their own body more than anyone else. These are usually people who go to the gym and just stare at themselves in the mirror.
"Look at that guy staring at himself in the mirror"
"Don't try hit on him"
"He's bicepsual. He'd rather have sex with his arms than make out with you"
by WanJnr23 November 01, 2013
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It's both a sexual and non sexual orientation.

Sexual refers to someone attracted to people with good biceps/muscle.

Non sexual refers usually to a straight guy, wanting to admire another guy's biceps 'but not in a gay way'.
Sexual - "As a total bicepsual, your muscles are making me wet/horny/hard"

Non sexual guy 1: "I don't mean this in a gay way, but have you been training your biceps lately"

Reply from guy 2: "Ahhh you must be bicepsual"
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