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When you start saying the word "bitch" when you were supposed to or trying to say "beach"
Usually the person stutters or holds the syllable in an awkward way after noticing the mistake. Sometimes the person says more letters of the word "bitch" before correcting the phrase to "beach". Occasionally the person will say the part of the word "beach" louder after starting to say the word bitch or yell "BEACH!" after finishing a word like bi-each.
Pronunciations include bitsheach, biteach, etc.
"Let's go to the bi-each...?"
"I'm going to the bitch, BEACH! I MEANT TO SAY BEACH, I SWEAR!"
"I'm going to go to the bi-EACH!"
"I hate the biiiiiiEACH! BEACH!"
This definition was inspired by real events
by CancerAndEbolaPatient May 01, 2018
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