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A beukocracy is defined as an autocratic form of control in which the gaming world, forums, or teamspeak is ruled by one person. Beukocrats believe that people are in perpetual disagreement whereby only the strong can survive by being online all the time, staying up late, responding to forum posts, and by constantly asserting themselves in conflict against the weak. Beukocracy recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public gaming by spamming taunts to players they have killed or complaining about decisions by admins. The word is loosely based on Jeff Beukeboom, a former NHL defenseman.
Your beukocracy is ruining the server. Try trolling elsewhere.

You are such a post whore. Beukocracy must die.

Your binds have now been assimilated into the collective. The hand of beukocracy must be at work here.
by sap812 October 13, 2009
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