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A pre-college form of hipster, thus, a “beta-hipster” who is still in high school and does not live by himself or herself. To be a true beta-hipster one must attend a private high school. Other students often refer to beta-hipsters as “artsy” and students who are not beta-hipsters will try to imitate the way the ideal beta-hipster lives. True beta-hipsters participate in Open Mics, where they read poetry or play guitar; serve on the boards of their school’s prestigious literary magazines, listen to semi-obscure indie bands and are usually considered nerds as they have some degree of affinity for science fiction or reading. False beta-hipsters do not have the intellectual side of the equation, but embrace the same styles of music and dress—impostors are attracted to the fact that imitating the tastes they believe beta-hipsters have will make them seen intelligent. Impostors are preoccupied by documentation and fill their Facebook profiles with pictures of them standing in fields with sunflowers, while those who are genuine do not feel the need to relentlessly categorize and record their lives. True beta-hipsters tend to gravitate toward J.Crew, while fake ones shop at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. In many ways the beta-hipster is the antithesis of the old “alpha” hipster, who is obsessed with drawing attention to their actions, and those who imitate the beta-hipster are (ideally) the last breath of the old hipster.
Emma is such a beta-hipster. She has photo sh.oots in the field by her house but told me she failed all her finals and hates reading
by geracudd January 25, 2011
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A teenage wannabe hipster who tries too hard to be different from the rest of his or her peers.
Dude: Hey Aiden, are you coming to Homecoming this Friday?

Aiden: Nah, I'm going to open mic at the Coffee Roaster that night.
Dude: You can be such a beta-hipster sometimes.
by DrDefinition December 13, 2015
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