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We are sitting down stairs watching a movie. Ur laying between my legs head on my chest. I'm playing with ur hair. A sexy scene comes up and u look up at me and smile. We watch fora while then u start rubbing my thigh. You grab my hand and place it on ur chest. You turn around and we start kissing. U take off my shirt and rub my pecs and abs. I take off ur shit and roll u over so I am ontop. I kiss ur neck line and slowly go down lower and lower. I linger around ur belly button for a few seconds then pull of your pants with my mouth. U grab my hand and drag me up to my room. I pick u up and u put ur legs around my hips. I pull of ur bra and kiss between ur breasts. I use my tounge to play with ur nipples. I walk to my bed and fall on my back so ur ontop. U stand up and take off my pants. U rub ur tits up and down the bulge in my boxers. I pick u up and sit u ontop of me. U rub back and forth on my dick as I massage ur tits and rub ur upper pussy. I roll ontop of u and pull off ur panties. My tounge tickles ur clit as u pull my hair.
u arch ur back and mown with joy. U roll ontop so ur sitting on my face. After a few mins u stop me and move down. Slowly pulling off my boxers my dick springs out. U grab it and look at me with a naughty look. U lick the tip slowly then suck gently. Sucking harder and deeper I can't help but flex my stomach. After a short while I grab u and sit u just below my crotch. U look at me in the eyes and nod. I gently prod ur pussy not inserting yet. As u slowly bounce up and down Untill I pull u downfiully inserting my long hard dick. U arch ur back and scratch my stomach. I bounce u up and down faster and faster till u scream with pleassure and gush warm jiz over me. Gasping to catch ur breath we lay next to each other just holding =P
at the babyshower i experienced the bestsceneintheworld
by la uniqua que sabes November 28, 2007
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