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A blasphemy, a sentence which heavily insults God, the Virgin Mary, Jesus or whatever divinity you can think about. In spite of what peole may think, a "bestemmia" is almost never meant to be really offensive against God, it's just an interjection.
The motherland of "bestemmie" is the Italian region of Veneto, located in the north-east of the peninsula.
In Veneto is common hearing "bestemmie" also in every sentence said, especially from old people or farmers.
A "bestemmia" could sometimes be badly read from strict Christian people, so it's not advisable to pronunciate a "bestemmia" in front of random people
Porco dio, sto posto ze pien de singani!
"Goddamnit, i have never seen so many gypsies is a single place!"

Dove dio can go messo i ociài?
"Where the fuck did i put my glasses?"

Puttana la madonna varda chea figa che culo che a ga!
"For God's sake, look at that pretty girl and his gorgeous ass!"

Dio cancaro ghea moìto de bestemàre?
"Can you please stop inserting a bestemmia in every sentence?"
by Ravenholm July 31, 2015
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