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Berndt is the ultimate being. Although no-one knows anything about him except his mysterious name. It's rumoured that a Berndt-like creature has been sighted in Sweden.

He has several active followers, who all believe he will come down and eat all your kebab at the End of Time. So you better hide it well.

The name can also be used as an insult or as a description of everything imagine-able.
Look out! It might be... Berndt!

Why did you put this Berndt on my seat?!

Berndt called, but Berndt was on the Berndt so he Berndted him. I tried to Berndt Berndtie Berndt Berndtness but his Berndt picked up. I Berndted "Berndt up the Berndt, Berndtness!", but he ignored Berndt.
by Stan D'Alone January 06, 2005
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