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A living hell for 8th graders. Full of smart asians and smart people with an actual sense of humor. Only the best of the best in each town in Bergen County come to this school. The best personalities, the best wits, the best people skills. The work is supposedly too much, but with these humorous teachers and these amazing students thats highly doubted. Sherlock, doctor who, and several types of glee and anime drawings are up on the lockers. The lockers also don't have locks, because there is a trust policy. This school is the best of Bergen County, the kids are all the cool cats, you will see several of the "tumblr folk" inhabiting this school. You are usually accepted no matter who you are, and sleep or do work in lunch. You also live in the school. The bus can pick you up from around 7am and school can end at 6. Thats almost 12 hours, not including sports. Also known for its several free periods. Honestly, if you can get accepted into this school I love you. Also better than any other academy in bergen county. HELL for 8th graders because its either you get into this royalty or go to a shitty highschool (hyperbole). Come to this school for everything really. The best singers and artists, the coolest cats in everywhere. It's amazing.
8th grader: Did you get accepted into Bergen Academies?

8th grader B: Naah.... But Sue did.

8th grader A&B: she's got it good.
by valerie. October 03, 2013
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