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Benefit fraud is when someone lies to get benefit. This includes people who are:

* not reporting they are living together as man and wife
* not reporting income or capital
* not reporting when they are living abroad
* providing a false address
* not reporting other benefits or sources of income
Tax Collecter - Its £50 if you have income and £20 if your unemployed? Are you employed?

Guy - Errr... No and I'm not commiting Benefit fraud either.

by The Koaladude September 18, 2005
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What niggers do when they need to purchase objects.
Nigger: I be needsin me some shoes, nigga.
Nigger 2: Do some benefit fraud.
Nigger 1: Fuck yeah, biatch!
*they come peeling out of Foot Locker 20 minutes later in their government issued Ferrari Enzo with 40 pairs of Air Jordans*
by SamsaJ June 24, 2006
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