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Baby born to a benefit bitch usually sired by 'persons unknown'and often a different skin colour to its mother. Usually one of many siblings born at 9 monthly intervals. The birth of a benefit babe is the benefit bitches equivalent of getting a pay rise, extra milk tokens and often the keys to a larger house. Benefit babes are always saddled with ridiculously flamboyant names similar to those popstars give to their children.
Jackie has just spawned her 12th benefit babe, it just dropped out as she arrived home from the nightclub. Good job she had no knickers on. She's going down to the social tomorrow to claim some extra benefits. She's christened it 'Mary Jo Flo beth Amy Lou Pixie Appple Tesco' Had it been a boy she was going to call it 'Ben' which is short for benefit.
by PWD June 03, 2006
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