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This discribes a man who can't find a job because roid rage causes them to overreact to simple questions during interviews. Usually this type of person would stink due to the overindulgence in working out while on steroids, and any attempt to befriend such a person would usually lead to weight lifting challenges for approval. This type of person usually has a small penis due to the side effects of the steroids, accompanied with irritability and mood swings. It is not uncommon for such a person to have AIDS or hepatitis B due to the sharing needles. Most benchmax345 people might be built like a rock, but they are just as dumb as one. Overall this is usually a big angry man who stinks, is to dumb and angry to find a job, and has a small dick.
Watch out for that benchmax345 before he pulls a Chris Benoit on you!

One girl might say to the other:

Don't talk to that benchmax345 you know he might have something.
by whatyougot January 17, 2011
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