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In some ways similar to camel toe, belly nuts refers to the front of an obese person's pants, specifically the effect of the front vertical seam deviding their tucked-in flab into 2 separate watermelon-sized hemispheres.
In order for belly nuts to occur, two conditions must be met.

1. When a fatty's enormous stomach becomes large and saggy enough that it must be tucked into the pants.


2. When said fatty chooses to wear pants that are a) too tight to contain said belly, and b) have a seam that devides said belly into 2 distinct parts, taking the form of a pair of giant balls.

It should also be noted that belly nuts shows no gender discriminaation, and may occur on males and females, provided they are a lardie.
"Holy shit! Look at the belly nuts on that lady!"
by OHC June 30, 2004
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When masturbating, a guy might ejaculate into his own belly button. Thus giving clean-up a very great obstacle. (Mostly for someone with an inny) Once you think you have gotten all of the semen out of your bellybutton, you reach a little farther, only to discover there is much much more โ€œbelly nutโ€.
Dude, I nutted into my belly button last night and it took me forever to get it all out. My belly nut was so far in there!
by Manwhyamihere June 04, 2018
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