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A scraggly, hairly, disgruntled looked man usually wearing something like a mustard stained wife beater, cargo shorts, and flip flops. Hes got a massive bed head (and ego too) and speaks incoherently half the time, while the other half he just shit talks you. You'll find him slumped in a stool at the slot machines at the Bellagio or some other Vegas casino drinking a dos equis and smoking menthol 100s at 10 AM. He'll be there for hours, wasting away his money he earned from working as a janitor at a Mickey D's. He farts those loud, noxious, and deady clouds of poison that could clear a 300 sq ft. room, and walks like a zombie, shuffling through the hallways of the hotel, with glazed eyes gazing at everyone passing by him, as he walks back to his hotel room to get hammered and pass out, and wake up at 2 AM to go out and go back down the casino to waste even more of his money, until he checks out of the hotel, broke, disheartened, and left worse than when he came.
Yo dude I was walking out of my hotel room to go downstairs for a beer, and this fuckin' bellagio bum ass motherfucker comes shuffling down the hallway after me, and I got fuckin' creeped out and closed the elevator before he got in, and I could hear him shouting shit while in the elevator, like, wtf bro.
by Space Gnome November 22, 2014
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