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Beliga is a person who cares about people and gets attention when they walk in a room. They are wiser than the people surround them and they love to eat. You can laugh with them and go on adventures. They are risk takers and the best friends who will take care of you. They believe in the good but can be a bitch to people who deserves. They will fight for people they love and they will always have your back. Beliga's are people who have faith even when it looks like there is nothing more to do. They have always hope and are real warriors. You can trust them because they keep your secrets better in their pocket than you can. The love of a Beliga is rare to find but if the love they will care for you till your darkest hours. If you find a Beliga don't let them go because they are too special to lose.
A Beliga would only talk the truth. They only tell things who are meaningfull and they can write and tell the most beautiful stories.
by Blackbook_ March 11, 2017
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