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Belhoff is the nickname for people who have knack of betraying their friends slash soulmates. Appear as somebody with nazi-hair, gay-attitude, brainless usually. It's kind of disease. No cure. Person who is consider for beeing belhoff often own Instagram account where he/she promotes himself/herself as saint as f*** but lowkey gay fag.
Josh you've always been my friend.
-stop lying you are just belhoff

Do you like me?
-I dont know, you started act like belhoff

She is just awful and she doesnt treat her friends good way.
-yes, because she is belhoff.

-You took a picture with my ex hoe. You are such a belhoff!

-I dont like you because you acted like belhoff yesterday.
by Xxxyourmom October 23, 2016
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