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A particular race of humanoids original to the planet Belgrade which revolves inside the Sava-Danube universe. As it is a planet that assimilates most visitors automatically become Belgradeans and revert back to original state when they leave the planet. The social hierarchy on planet Belgrade is as follows and divides Belgradeans into the following categories:

(natives to the planet):

More than one generation born and bred on the Krug 2 (Circle 2) Continent, economically ruined high aristocracy.

More than one generation born and bred on the planet itself (Metropolitan Belgrade) Middle high aristocracy.

Populace of the Moons surrounding the planet: Mladenovac, Rakovica, Surcin etc… either working class or maintenance, or political and show (and other) business magnates.

(non natives)

Student, the most popular immigrant (especially if female, good looking, and poor; or a rich male with the money daddy makes from porcine product in the home planet of Zabari)

Every kind of alternative person that needed to flee their own planet in the Serbian Galaxy referred to as Picka Materina by native Belgradeans.

Pevaljka a specimen from the planet Kitsch just off the Ibaraska Magistrala nebula, a screeching creature mostly associated with the politician sort.

Politician: The worst Alien specimen to arrive in Belgrade since forever, usually from a planet very south with manners of a wild boar and education of a French brothel cleaner.
Belgradeans will usually refer to the remainder of Yugo Galaxy as Picka Materina
by Greg 777 March 28, 2016
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